​​​Epson SureColor P5000 17" 10-color Inkjet Printer

Price: $1,795.00

​Price after Mail-in Rebate: $1,395.00

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Authorized ​Service Provider

Epson SureColor P7000 24" 10-color Inkjet Printer ​*

​Regular Price: $3,350.00

Instant Rebate: $1,000.00

Net Price: $2,350.00

Located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Mueller Graphic Supply is an Apple Authorized Service Provider offering On-site or Carry-in service options for In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Repair of Apple Workstations, iMacs, and MacBooks.

* The Epson SureColor P-Series Instant Rebate only applies to SureColor P-Series Printers purchased between October 1, 2018 and October 31, 2018 (while supplies last). After October 31, 2018, the promotion will expire and the "Regular Price" will apply. Epson reserves the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time without notice.

As an HP Authorized Service Provider, we offer On-site service for In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Repair on HP DesignJet Large Format Inkjet Printers.

​Authorized ​​​​​​Service Provider

​Mueller Graphic Supply

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Epson SureColor P9000 44" 10-color Inkjet Printer *

​Regular Price: $4,995.00

Instant Rebate: $1,000.00

Net Price: $3,995.00

Epson SureColor P10000 44" 9-color Inkjet Printer *

​Regular Price: $6,495.00

Instant Rebate: $750.00

Net Price: $5,745.00


​​Epson SureColor P20000 64" 9-color Inkjet Printer *

​Regular Price: $10,995.00

Instant Rebate: $1,750.00

Net Price: $9,245.00

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