​Pressroom Products

As a member of the number1network, Mueller Graphic Supply is able to offer our customers a wide array of pressroom products which include chemistry, packing paper, spray powder, antimarking products, perf & score, and a whole host of ancillary products.

Mueller Graphic Supply has been been providing our customers with quality pressroom products for over 30-years. Our product portfolio includes Offset Printing and Coating Blankets for both Conventional and UV applications from all of the leading  manufacturers. We also offer a wide selection of Pressroom Chemistries and various Sundry items. It is our intention to work closely with your company to determine which Pressroom products would be the best for your printing environment. We have experienced resources on staff that can assist you through your decision making process.

​​​​RBP Chemical

RBP Chemical Technology is a worldwide supplier of proprietary printing chemicals and fountain solutions for web and sheetfed printing applications. RBP Chemical is committed to delivering consistent high quality products and services, including specialty development, analytical services and custom manufacturing. RBP printing chemicals are manufactured in their ISO 9001:2008 certified 48,000 sq. ft. headquarters plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

​Pressroom Products

Tower Pressroom Chemistry

Tower Products, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive pressroom chemistry. In 1986, Tower introduced the first full line of roller and blanket washes free of all carcinogenic and reproductive toxic materials, and without being flammable. Tower maintains more than 25 OEM product approvals for automatic wash equipment, cleaning technologies and fountain solution products, including products with FOGRA certifications.

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Böttcher Print Systems

Böttcher Print Systems is the world’s number one roller supplier and a leading supplier of blankets, sleeves, fountain solutions, washes and maintenance products. Böttcher is an industry expert, offering a complete and compatible product system required for superior print quality.

Print Media

Flint Group has a large product portfolio that features printing inks, coatings, blankets, and pressroom chemistry. With the acquisition of Day International, the Flint Group added Day International's range of products to their portfolio that includes dayGraphica® printing blankets, davidM® printing blankets, and VARN pressroom chemicals just to name a few.