High Resolution, Excellent Productivity and Efficiency​​ for High-quality, medium to long-run sheetfed and web offset applications. Resolution from 1% to 99% @ 450 lpi, and up to 350,000 impressions unbaked and 1,000,000+ baked.

​Trillian SP

Robust On-Press Performance and Low Chemistry Usage. Excellent chemical resistance and durability. Unbaked run lengths up to 500,000 impressions, even in harsh chemical environments and up to 125,000 impressions for UV applications.

Process Free Plate that eliminates processing equipment and chemistry. High-quality short- to medium-run sheetfed, heatset web, offset packaging (non UV) and short-run UV applications. Up to 200,000 impressions on web presses and 100,000 on sheetfed.

Maximum Chemical Resistance and Unbaked Run Lengths​​ for High-quality medium- to long-run sheetfed and web printing applications, with up to 350,000 impressions on sheetfed and 500,000 on web.

As a Kodak Gold Partner, we carry the entire line of Kodak Digital Offset Plates. Being an industry leader, Kodak has been at the forefront to develop a portfolio of environmentally conscious Digital Offset Plates ranging from the SONORA Process Free Plate that eliminates all chemicals, water, energy and waste associated with plate processing, to the TRILLIAN SP, ELECTRA XD, and ELECTRA MAX Digital Offset plates that require processing, but at a reduced impact to the environment due to lower chemistry usage.

​Electra MAX

​Offset CTP Plates

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​Sonora XP

​Electra XD