Non-ablative, thermal negative-working (write-the-image) process free plate.

High-quality, long-run plate for sheetfed, packaging, web and all UV printing applications.

800-850 nm

1% to 99% @ 200 lpi and FM20 capable

Up to 450 lpi is possible, dependent upon imaging device
• Up to 400,000 impressions with heatset/commercial coldset web presses
• Up to 200,000 impressions with sheetfed presses
• Up to 100,000 impressions for offset packaging (non-UV ink)
• Up to 75,000 impressions for UV ink applications


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Process Free​​, No Chemistry, No Processing Equipment

The Kodak SONORA X Plate utilizes a new technology breakthrough that combines the performance features of wet processed plates with Kodak’s industry leading Process Free technology…resulting in a plate with run lengths, imaging speeds, and resolution capabilities that rival processed plates. SONORA X Plates are taken directly from the platesetter to press, eliminating processing and the costs involved. SONORA X Plates can replace unbaked processed plates in most applications, with run lengths of up to 400,000 impressions on web presses, 200,000 impressions on sheetfed presses, and even up to 75,000 impressions for UV-ink applications.





​Run Length

SONORA X Process Free Plate