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​Run Length

Maximum Chemical Resistance and Unbaked Run Lengths​​

Long developer cycles, low chemistry usage and no need for an expensive, new plate processor, Kodak ELECTRA MAX Plates help printers reduce the cost and environmental impact of plate processing.  ELECTRA MAX Plates require as few as 2 to 4 developer changes per years (depending on plate usage). Printers can reduce energy usage by eliminating preheating, and the plate’s long unbaked run length capability can reduce the need for post-baking. Maximum Resolution deliver outstanding print quality with 10-micron FM capability, 1-99% @ 450 lpi AM.

No preheat, positive-working thermal plate with wide operating latitude; optional post-bake.

​Offset packaging applications; UV, H-UV and LED-UV print applications; high-quality medium to long run sheetfed and heatset web / coldset web applications.

​800-850 nm

1% to 99% @ 450 lpi

• Up to 500,000 impressions unbaked for web applications.
• Up to 350,000 impressions unbaked for sheetfed applications.
• Up to 150,000 impressions unbaked for UV and H-UV applications.
• Can be post-baked for longer runs and more demanding press conditions.