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High Performance Film

As a member of the number1network, Mueller Graphic Supply is able to provide our customers with high quality and competitively priced number1network Brand of High Performance Film. The number1network Film portfolio includes the latest Hard-Dot film technologies, unique high-density rapid access processing Sharp-Dot films, and state-of-the-art rapid access films for imagesetting, scanner, and camera applications.

• Kodak Themoflex: Narrow, Mid, Wide and Wide II

• Kodak Trendsetter: Q400, Q800, Q1600, Q2400 and Q3600

• Kodak Flexcel NX: Narrow, Mid, Wide-C and Wide 5080

6.5 mil (0.0065 in)


> 3.4 UV TOD; > 2.0 Ortho TOD - black in appearance (block UV)

• 200 lpi maximum (AM) of Flexcel NX and Trendsetters

• 175 lpi maximum (AM) on ThermoFlex

• 25-micron Stochastic

300 x 250 mm (11.8 x 9.8 in) 40-sheets
435 x 639 mm (17.13 x 25.16 in) 40-sheets
460 x 660 mm (18.11 x 25.98 in) 40-sheets
500 x 350 mm (19.7 x 13.8 in) 40-sheets
591 x 794 mm (23.3 x 31.3 in) 30-sheets
600 x 750 mm (23.6 x 29.5 in) 40-sheets
762 x 762 mm (30 x 30 in) 40-sheets
750 x 1000 mm (29.5 x 39.4 in) 40-sheets
794 x 794 mm (31.25 x 31.25 in) 30-sheets
794 x 1048 mm (31.3 x 41.3 in) 25-sheets
838 x 1123 mm (33.0 x 44.2 in) 20-sheets
1097 x 1554 mm (43.19 x 61.18 in) 20-, 30-, or 60-sheets
1245 x 2007 mm (49 x 79 in) 40-sheets
1283 x 2062 mm (50.5 x 81.2 in) 40-sheets
762 mm x 30 m Roll (30 in x 98.4 ft)
1270 mm x 30 m Roll (50 in x 98.4 ft)
1270 mm x 45 m Roll (50 in x 148 ft)


​DITR Digital Film

Graphic Arts Film

Kodak DITR 4401 Film is designed to be imaged on Kodak's thermal imager in just a few simple steps. This innovative film eliminates processing entirely, saving time and minimizing the opportunity for process variations that can necessitate startovers. In addition, Kodak DITR 4401 Film can be handled in yellow or UV-modified fluorescent lighting for easier cutting and manipulation...no longer the need to maintain a darkroom.

Kodak DITR 4401 6.5 mil Matte Film produces consistent, reliable results and high-quality results for prepress film applications. Its proprietary black, dye-based mask is removed by thermal ablative imaging using an infrared laser source. When imaged on Kodak's thermal imagers, Kodak DITR 4401 Film delivers high-contrast, sharp image reproduction with exceptional background clarity.

Kodak DITR 4401 Film is multiple use product designed for liquid photopolymer, analog flexography, analog offset applications, and is well-suited for silkscreen frame production, overlay proofing, contacting, and checking type and registration.

With the advent of new imaging technologies, the need for Graphic Arts Film has been greatly reduced, causing many major film manufacturers to exit the market. However, certain print applications and print providers still require film, and as a member of the number1network and a Kodak Gold Partner, Mueller Graphic Supply has full access to a large portfolio of Graphic Arts Films. If you require high quality conventionally processed imagesetting, scanner, camera film…or if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly Process Free product, give us a call.

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