Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetters are one of the fastest fully-automated VLF platestters on the market. Available in two models: the Magnus Q2400, capable of imaging plates up to 1422 x 1804 mm in size; and the Magnus Q3600, which can accommodate plates up to 1600 x 2083 mm in format. With multiple automation options, Magnus VLF Platesetters are designed to reduce material handling for faster plate loading and unattended operation.

​​Computer To Plate (CTP)

Magnus VLF

The Kodak line of 8-Page CTP devices includes the Achieve T800, Trendsetter Q800, and Magnus Q800. Like the 4-Page devices, the Achieve T800 and Trendsetter Q800 are designed around the Trendsetter Platform, capable of imaging 267 x 215 mm to 838 x 1143 mm plates, at a maximum throughput of 68 plates/hour via the Trendsetter Q800 W-speed.  The Magnus Q800 has a modular design with four automation options, capable of imaging plates from 330 x 305 mm to
​939 x 1163 mm.

Built using award-wining thermal imaging technology and advanced engineering, the Kodak Trendsetter VLF Platesetters are manual devices that offer outstanding quality and reliability for large-format plate making. Models include the Trendsetter Q1600, Trendsetter Q2400, and Trendsetter Q3600, that have the capability to image plates that range in format size from 1325 x 1650 mm to 1600 x 2083 mm (depending on model).

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We offer the complete line of Kodak Computer To Plate (CTP) solutions, ranging from 4-Page to Very Large Format (VLF) output devices. Kodak CTP Systems deliver unmatched productivity, outstanding image quality, stability, and maximum efficiency with advanced automation options. Every Kodak Platesetter is a solid business investment that combines superb quality and reliability, with the flexibility to output conventional thermal and process free plates.

Kodak 4-Page Platesetters are based on the successful Trendsetter Platform, featuring the Achieve T400 and Trendsetter Q400 models. The 4-Page CTP Line can accommodate plates that range in size from 267 x 215 mm to 838 x 990 mm. Throughput for a 724 x 838 mm plate ranges from 21 plates/hour with the Achieve T400 S-speed, to 75 plates/hour for the Trendsetter Q400 W-speed.

Trendsetter VLF

8-Page CTP

4-Page CTP